by Cezary Gapik



" ... I have a list of the equipment he's using but that's all: "Laptop, prepared electric guitar and sound processors, prepared piano, vibrators, fiddlestick, glass, paper, metal." The four tracks on this one are much longer, totalling around 40 minutes, and much less pumping - industrial dark ambient creep-outs full of shuddering, broken drones, hissing static, brutal power-electronics and insistent paranoid little loops, bleeps and crunches. It's sinister to the point of feeling somewhat oppressive at times, full of paranoid twitches, blips and bubbles as it crunches along disgracefully, all disembodied screams and grumbling, churning sonic clutter. The title track expands a relatively gentle synth drone into a fluttering, seething buzz of white-hot distortion and radio static that seethes and hisses and screams demonically...easy listening this ain't. There's a lot going on though, it's weird and broken and harsh and yet quite fast-paced and strangely compelling. Noise fans will find a lot to enjoy, I reckon our Ant would be into this."

Norman Records | July 2014


Nute Records [NUTE019] | Cezary Gapik - "Fission".

Cassette / limited edition to 100 copies.

Composed by Cezary Gapik -
Cover art by Suse Kipp - ''Incident Of A Monk In Orange Looking On The Water'' -

Made in Ireland (c) + (p) 2014 by Nute Records |



Cassette | Norman Records:

Digital | Boomkat:


released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Cezary Gapik Poland

Cezary Gapik was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1963. His musical creation is based on drones and micro-tonal sound planes interlaced with abstract “images” (field recordings, prepared instruments, various objects) or computer-processed synthetic sounds (glitch). …

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